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Our team comprises highly skilled and experienced professionals who are passionate about risk management, ensuring the safety and success of our clients. Each member brings a unique set of expertise, perspectives, and talents to the table, making us a formidable force in the field of risk consulting.

Our Team

At Lancers Risk Consulting Network, we are more than just a team; we are a family dedicated to safeguarding your interests and helping you navigate the complex landscape of risk. We invite you to explore our team members’ profiles, get to know us better, and feel free to reach out with any inquiries or opportunities for collaboration

Kunwar Vikram Singh, Chairman

Kunwar Vikram Singh is the Chairman of the CENTRAL ASSOCIATION OF PRIVATE SECURITY INDUSTRY (CAPSI) an apex body of the Private Security Sector and LANCERS NETWORK LIMITED, a Risk Consulting Corporation. He has held the coveted post of President (2016-17) and Chairman (2017-18) of WORLD ASSOCIATION OF DETECTIVES (W.A.D). He was an Advisor (Internal Security) to the Prime Minister of India (1990-1991). He is the author of WORLD ENCYCLOPIEDIA OF SECURITY SCIENCE & MANAGEMENT (Seven Volumes). He is also the Director of PUNJAB POLICE SECURITY CORPORATION LIMITED, a venture of the Government of Punjab.
He is a member of the UN Standing Committee on Civilian Private Security-Role in Crime Prevention & Community Safety. He was sent as an official delegate to represent Govt of India at the 21st and 22nd UN Commission on Crime Prevention & Criminal Justice, held at the UN’s Vienna International Centre. He has also been appointed as President of the Board of Public Police Trust by the Board of Trustees whose Chairman is Justice K G Balakrishnan, Former Chief Justice of India & Chairman N.H.R.C.

Kunwar Vikram Singh was awarded “Investigator of the Year 2006” by the World Association of Detectives Inc. (WAD) at its annual conference held in Tokyo, Japan. His professional ability was once again recognized by the World Investigators Network (WIN) and he was declared “Best Investigator of the Year 2007” in Lisbon, Portugal. He was awarded the “Bharat Suraksha Rattan Award” by APSA at the Global Security Conference 2009 by the President of India.

Kunwar Vikram Singh was bestowed with the “Life Time Achievement Award in Intelligence & Investigation” by Sh. Shivraj Patil, Hon’ble Home Minister of India at Bangalore on October 14, 2008.
Mr. Tanquin Hall, an acclaimed British author has written a best seller “The Case of a Missing Servant” which is based on a case solved by Kunwar Vikram Singh. This novel is published by the Random House, London.

Shivindra Pratap Singh, Managing Director

Equipped with over 23 years of experience in providing customised risk mitigation solutions in South Asia, Shivindra is spearheading Lancers and its team of 135+ professionals. He has in-depth experience in personally leading complex assignments including Corporate Fraud, Business Intelligence, Due Diligence, Political Risk Analysis, Insurance Investigations, Security Risk Management, Executive Protection and IPR Investigations across South Asia.

He has travelled the region extensively and has a thorough understanding of the local dynamics. He is responsible for the strategic direction of the company and is responsible for its expansion and growth in the past decade. He is a recognised thought leader and is active internationally and has spoken at various conferences across the globe on Security and risk matters. He regularly contributes to various dailies and journals on Security and risk matters.

Shivindra has a master’s in International Security with a specialization in Terrorism, Insurgencies and intelligence in South Asia from the University of Warwick (UK) and a Business degree from the University of Sheffield (UK). Shivindra is a founder member of the Board of Advisors of Certified Private Insurance Investigators (CPII), India’s first industry-developed and recognised certification for private investigators working on insurance investigations matters. Shivindra is an elected member of the Board of Directors of the World Association of Detectives. He is also a member of the International Trademark Association’s Anti-counterfeiting Committee for the 2022-2023 term.

He is a member of ASIS, WAD, ACFE, CPII, CAPSI, APDI and the Security Institute (UK) and has been advising various MNCs & Indian Multinationals on security risks and intelligence matters. He was also awarded the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award by APDI/CAPSI in 2009 and the Investigations Personality of the Year Award 2018 by APDI/CAPSI.

Col Subhas Choudhary, Senior Vice President & Country Head of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Col Subhas Choudhary is India’s leading expert in the field of Anti Counterfeiting and Brand Security Services. He is also an expert in strategizing and executing sensitive & complex investigations of strategic nature across the country focusing on mitigating reputational and business risks. He is an ex-Army officer with an outstanding record of service.

Col Subhas is an aluminous of Indian Military Academy Dehradun, passed out in “Super Block” of his Course and joined the Oldest Battalion of Indian Army, the 20 RAJPUT- JODHPUR (Motorized Battalion) raised in 1212 A.D and later converted into 24 Mechanised Infantry in 1992.

He is the recipient of the Prestigious Commando Dagger of the Indian Army during his young officer’s course and an outstanding sportsman who represented India in 1982 ASIAD (Football). He is also the recipient of the Chief of the Army Staff Commendation Card during OP PRAKRAM.

After his eminent career with the Indian Army, COL Subhas joined a leading corporate & security management firm as a National Enforcement Head (IPR) from Nov 2009 to Dec 2011. During his tenure, he brought in many changes in the systems and procedures resulting in the highest number of Enforcement Actions (IPR) from its inception.

He was then picked up by Jindal Group of Industries in Jan 2012 for Jindal India Thermal Power LTD. of 2100 MW Project as Administrative and Security Head. After his satisfying tenure at Jindal India Thermal Power Limited, he joined a leading Corporate Risk Management firm as Director of IPR and remained there for more than four years till March 2017

Col Subhas joined Lancers as Country Head – IPR in Apr 2017 & leads Lancers’ Pan- India IPR team of 70 plus investigators specializing in anti- counterfeiting efforts and assist clients in protecting their IP by developing and implementing effective policies, procedures, and practices.

Lt. Col Vishal Mathur, Head Of Security Risk Consulting

Lt. Col Vishal Mathur is a retired Army officer and Head of Security Risk Consulting. He is a security and safety Professional who has worked in multinational organisations like GMR group and Rio Tinto for more than 12 years including 4 years of remote site and 8 years of corporate office experience preceded by 21 years of diverse Army experience on asset protection. He is trained at IIML(NC) for a senior leadership role and attended a project management course in Perth. He is Qualified in NEBOSH safety certification and a Six Sigma black belt.

He possesses a range of skills from influencing senior executive management to providing security expertise, and the intellectual capacity to analyse complex situations and make relevant deductions to advise and inform practical solutions that meet business objectives. He has security expertise and proficiency in developing, managing and implementing business resilience, emergency and crisis management, threat and vulnerability risk assessments, corporate anti terrorism program management, management of covert intelligence networks at remote operational sites, investigations, and information security management.

He is an expert in designing and implementing the security of Greenfield projects under challenging security situations and was involved in developing and implementing technical and physical security processes in the first and only corporate diamond processing plant in India. As a consultant, he has vast experience in the incident investigation ( RCA), analysis, incident management and mitigation planning, crisis and emergency management, aviation security and strategic planning for security management of remote sites. Has been actively involved in planning, developing and training candidates in a unique one-of-a-kind security program for young security professionals on the contents based on Protection of Assets from ASIS. He was also the project manager for planning, implementation and managing and construction of a township for a project site in Rio Tinto India.

Col Ravinder Paliwal, Head Of Enterprise Risk Management

Col Ravinder Paliwal, retd, serves as the Head of Enterprise Risk Management at Lancers, where he oversees a comprehensive approach to identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks across organizations.

With a career spanning over 20 years in the Indian Army and 15 years in corporate risk management consulting, including key roles as Head Risk, Chief Operating Officer, and Vice President, Ravinder brings a profound understanding of client requirements across a broad spectrum of industries. His leadership and strategic acumen have been instrumental in developing innovative solutions that effectively address the dynamic and evolving risks faced by numerous Fortune 100 companies.

Col Ravinder’s expertise in strategic risk management, security consulting, and fraud examination has been pivotal in devising innovative solutions tailored to the unique challenges of each client. His strategic insights have led to the successful implementation of risk management strategies that not only result in significant cost savings but also in enhanced security measures for his clients. This approach has earned him a reputation for delivering practical and effective solutions that align with the strategic objectives of his clients.

With a Masters in Defense and Strategic Studies, Col Ravinder possesses a nuanced understanding of complex security challenges, allowing him to develop tailored strategies that effectively mitigate risks and protect critical assets. His academic background, combined with his practical experience, enables him to devise innovative and effective solutions that address the specific needs of each client. As a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) and Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Col Ravinder has consistently demonstrated his ability to lead teams toward achieving exceptional results in risk management and security.

Col Ravinder’s proactive and holistic approach to risk management and corporate security ensures that all aspects of an organization’s operations are safeguarded against potential threats. His dedication to excellence and his commitment to delivering high-quality solutions make him a valuable asset in the field of risk management and corporate security.

Vandana Chabbra, Senior Manager Operations

Vandana is Spearheading the Business Intelligence vertical at Lancers. A science graduate and a skilled professional with over 14 years of experience in operations, client servicing, employee verification, background Checks, due diligence, asset Search and investigation matters as part of various risk mitigation services.

She is responsible for delivery of projects that involves end to end management of the project including questionnaire designing, report writing, writing executive summaries, reviewing, generating business insights etc. She was earlier involved with other risk management activities such as pre/ post employment and company screening to manage the business risks of the client. She had previously handled the insurance claims investigations and risk control unit at Lancers.

Dixit Malik, Senior Manager Employee Background Verification & Insurance Risk Mitigation Services

Dixit leads the Employee Background Verification and Insurance Risk Mitigation domains at Lancers. He is an accomplished professional with 15+ years of experience in risk mitigation, international and domestic employee screening services, client servicing and operations management. He has expertise in advising and designing industry-specific employment screening risk mitigation tools.

He is a certified lead implementer professional for BS 10012:2017+ A1: 2018 personal information management system including General Data Privacy Regulations (GDPR) and lead auditor: ISO 27001:2013 information security management system.

Dixit has successfully led and participated in projects of technology implementation and automation. He has completed his MBA in Marketing from DAVV University, Indore post where he has joined and worked with various reputed organizations in roles of client servicing and operations.

RS Bawa, Regional Manager, North

A Seasoned and very Highly Distinguished Former Officer of the Intelligence Bureau, Ministry of Home Affairs Government of India and Punjab State Human Rights Commission.

Recipient of various awards and highly commendations certificates for outstanding work including President Police Medals for Meritorious Services and President Police Medals for Distinguished Services. Rewarded with 35 Highly Commendation Certificates including Kautilya Award thrice and Sukriti Awards thrice with Cash Payments. Overall recipient of 3 Lakh Cash reward from the Intelligence Bureau.