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Mitigating Risks and Maximizing Opportunities

Offering a wide range of strategic risk management services, tailored to safeguard your business and drive sustainable growth in an ever-evolving landscape.

Solution Portfolio

Welcome to our Solution Portfolio at Lancers Risk Consulting. Here, we present a curated collection of offerings that transcend conventional services, delivering comprehensive strategies to effectively manage risks and seize opportunities in today’s dynamic business environment.

In an ever-evolving global landscape, where uncertainties abound and challenges are as diverse as they are complex, our suite of services stands as a beacon of preparedness and innovation. At Lancers, we recognize that effective risk management is not merely a precaution, but a proactive strategy for success. Our range of meticulously crafted services is designed to empower your organization, regardless of size or industry, with the insights, tools, and strategies needed to navigate the intricate web of risks and strategic growth.

Forensic Investigations & Disputes

Corporate Fraud Investigations: Fraud can be a devastating experience for the victim firms. It can adversely affect the brand value, competitiveness and take a major toll on employee morale. It’s a risk that requires strategic planning & we at Lancers help the business to plan this risk with our 360-degree approach to protect against the impacts of fraud by working at all levels of prevention, detection & investigation..

Asset Search: Volatile business environment along with unethical  business practices pose a business risk to most of the businesses  and financial institutions. We assist the businesses in asset and  key individual tracking in an unfortunate incident of eminent bad  debt. We also help the businesses in providing admissible  evidence in the court of law which are useful to negotiate with  the NPA account holders.

Forensic Due Diligence: Forensic Due Diligence aims to address  the concerns pertaining to the authenticity of the reported  financial numbers, existence and background of key suppliers,  employees and customers, adverse issues surrounding the  promoters or key management personnel, political connections  and its impact on business activities, undisclosed related parties  and transactions, undisclosed liabilities or potential claims and  litigations and exposure to bribery and corruption.

Corporate Intelligence: Corporate intelligence prepares you with  the right information to mitigate the potential risk of fraud and  corruption. It is conducted to identify risks associated with third-  parties, proposed M&A targets, new employees, and other  potential targets. It assesses the background, integrity, reputation  and performance track record of an individual, or an entity or the  group by collecting and analysing information that is available in  the public domain, subscribed databases and market sources.

Market Entry & Policy Analysis: It is a process of evaluating and  strategizing the entry of a company or organization into a new  market, while also considering the various policies, regulations,  and factors that might impact its operations in that market. This involves conducting comprehensive research and analysis to  make informed decisions about how to effectively enter the  market and navigate the regulatory landscape.

Mystery Shopping: Mystery shopping is a process through which  we assist customers to evaluate the quality of services and  products offered by company. A mystery shopper is an individual  who is tasked to evaluate the overall customer experience given  by a company. Mystery Shoppers will be tasked to pretend/act as  regular customers and have specific instructions on what to look  for during their visit to a business.

Anti-Counterfeiting & Brand Security Services

Customized Brand Security Programs: At Lancers, we excel in  crafting and executing tailored strategies to combat brand abuse  issues specific to our clients. Leveraging our cross-industry  experience and specialized knowledge, we deliver bespoke  solutions that shield your brand from counterfeiting threats. Our  approach involves close collaboration across various levels and  departments within our client organizations, enabling us to  pinpoint the most vulnerable product lines and regions.

In-Depth Market Surveys: Our team conducts comprehensive  market surveys aimed at gaining a profound understanding of  counterfeiting activities within a defined geographical region  related to a specific product line. These surveys serve the vital  purpose of confirming the presence and extent of counterfeit  products in the marketplace. This involves identifying key players  engaged in counterfeiting and dissecting their supply chains.

Empirical Insights through Test Purchases: We partner with our  clients to collect empirical data, generate analytics, and develop  well-researched strategies for brand protection. Through targeted  sampling and authenticity testing, we gain insights into the ease  and extent of counterfeit product availability in the market. This  operation also sheds light on the tactics employed by  counterfeiters to pass off substandard goods as genuine.

Advocacy and Engagement with Law Enforcement: Building a  strong rapport with law enforcement authorities is pivotal in  combatting counterfeiting. Our senior management team  orchestrates visits to the highest relevant authorities within a  given state, such as the Director General of Police or  Commissioner of Excise. These visits serve to coordinate and seek  support for enforcement actions carried out in the area.

Advanced Anti-Counterfeiting Investigations: Counterfeiting  poses a significant threat to reputable brands worldwide. Our first  step in addressing this issue is to identify the nefarious elements  operating in the market and gather actionable intelligence about  their operations. We conduct extensive, ground-up investigations  to identify, locate, and confirm the entities involved in  counterfeiting.

Enforcement Initiatives: Once we’ve confirmed the entities¬† engaged in counterfeiting our client’s brand through thorough¬† investigations, our seasoned operational management team¬† approaches the highest local authorities with a formal complaint¬† outlining the counterfeiting activity.

Comprehensive On-Ground Support: As the company with the  largest team of investigators, we provide extensive on-ground  support for various investigative categories, including skip tracing  and fraud investigations. This support is essential for gathering  intelligence on any entities or activities causing issues for our  clients on the ground, necessitating advanced fact-finding  investigations.

Screening Services

Comprehensive Employee Vetting: Lancers supports businesses  in selecting the right talent to safeguard their reputation.  With nearly four decades of experience, we conduct a  comprehensive 360-degree assessment. This includes scrutinizing  past employment history, verifying educational credentials,  conducting criminal background checks, verifying references,  validating documents, confirming addresses, and assessing  behavioral patterns. Our screening packages are customized to  meet the unique requirements of each organization.

Executive Due Diligence: Our Executive Due  Diligence service assists organizations in thoroughly investigating  the backgrounds of executives to evaluate their suitability for  leadership roles. Focus is on ethical conduct and market reputations of these individuals during their previous tenures.

Insurance Risk Mitigation & Investigations

Risk Profiling : Risk profiling plays a pivotal role in the  insurance industry, serving as the cornerstone of both policy  issuance and claims management processes. Across all industries,  the primary objective is to minimize risk, and in insurance,  underwriters and underwriting teams are at the forefront of risk  management. Risk profiling entails the collection of individual  information, the application of established risk assessments and  methodologies, risk evaluation, and the provision of effective  monitoring and assurance mechanisms.

Cutting-Edge Anti-Fraud Technology Solutions: Our industry-  specific Anti-Fraud Technology solutions are designed to detect  and prevent fraudulent activities. Leveraging technical tools and  intelligence resources, we identify fraud and leakage at their  earliest stages, significantly reducing the risk of financial losses.

Comprehensive Anti-Fraud Training: Lancers has worked as subject matter expert in developing Certified Private Insurance Investigator (CPII) program along with III, APDI & NATG.

Claims Investigations: Our claims investigations  process supports companies in diligently examining claims to  establish their authenticity. Our network of seasoned Field  Investigators conducts on-site investigations, carries out  proximity searches, and procures information from local  authorities and medical facilities.

Customer Experience Evaluation: Mystery shopping is a valuable  method through which we assist clients in assessing the quality  of services and products provided by companies. Our mystery  shoppers, acting as regular customers, receive specific  instructions on evaluating the overall customer experience  during their visits to businesses.

Security Risk Management

Comprehensive Safety and Security Audits:¬†In today’s dynamic business landscape, uninterrupted operations¬†are crucial. At Lancers, we understand this imperative and offer¬† expert assistance in establishing a secure and resilient¬† environment. Our services encompass thorough safety and¬† security audits, including threat vulnerability assessments and¬† the development of robust mitigation plans, policies, and¬† procedures. These are aligned with international standards,¬† ensuring the highest levels of governance and compliance.

Emergency and Crisis Management Excellence: Effective  emergency and crisis management plans are essential for  safeguarding business continuity and personnel safety. Our  meticulously designed plans are geared towards preventing,  containing, and managing disruptions. They enable organizations  to prepare for, mitigate, respond to, and recover from incidents.  These plans provide a framework for enhancing overall  organizational resilience.

Strategic Security Risk Management: As organizations expand,  the need to manage and mitigate threats becomes paramount.  Our security risk management services assist in identifying and  controlling risks. This data empowers our clients to meet  performance and profitability targets, protect critical infrastructure, prevent resource losses, ensure reliable financial  reporting, and maintain compliance with regulatory  requirements.

Tailored Staffing Solutions: Lancers offers access to a diverse  talent pool and a meticulously curated database for organizations  across industries. Our top-tier professionals support end-to-end  staffing needs, from semi-skilled to executive levels. We uphold  stringent recruitment and onboarding processes, guaranteeing  unmatched quality in our staffing solutions.

Geo-Political Risk Analysis: Lancers conducts customized¬† analyses of political, economic, security, legal, regulatory, and¬† social factors, specifically tailored to an organization’s objectives.¬† These analyses assess potential impacts on business operations,¬† investments, safety, and security. Additionally, our team excels in¬† scenario analysis, helping organizations prepare for a range of¬† possible outcomes.

Supply Chain Assurance Program : The supply chain network today in an interconnected world is a complex chain of activities involving various vendors, suppliers, partners and intermediaries. Any disruptions in entire network involving production, distribution, processes, sourcing and delivery of raw material and goods can lead to significant safety, security, economic and  reputational losses to the organization. Lancers assurance program focuses on monitoring, identifying, analyzing and developing mitigating strategies and actions  to eliminate those weak links. Our experts develop in built resilience at each stage to ensure business continuity in the organizations supply chain.

Event Management and Executive Protection: With a rich  history in risk management, including the 1982 Asian Games,  Lancers excels in end-to-end event management. We provide  highly trained and experienced executive protection personnel  for individuals and senior management. Whether armed or unarmed, our personnel ensure safety. We also excel in planning  and executing evacuations to safeguard high-risk individuals and  organizations.

Professional Security Management Training: Lancers specializes¬† in preparing security professionals through our experienced¬† team, which includes veterans from the Armed Forces, Police,¬† and Intelligence. Our training programs enhance both physical¬† and mental capabilities. Our security reports offer real-time¬† assessments of vulnerabilities and risks, coupled with strategic¬† guidance tailored to each client’s unique requirements.

Fire and Safety Management: We specialise in end-to-end safety management and audit with focus on safety hazards identification, developing and reviewing safety policies, procedures, and safety culture to understand the overall safety performance of the organisation against the global and Indian standards. We offer comprehensive services for fire audit, fire load calculations, special services like hydrant flow calculations, review of fire installations and recommendations for fire protection. Our team of experts review electrical and industrial safety installations, suggest ideal solutions for accident prevention and prepare organisations for ISO certifications.