Security Risk Management

Safety and Security Audits: Organizations today need to proactively manage their business functions without disruptions. We at Lancers recognize this and can help the business in creating a safe and secure environment with our comprehensive audits and risk management services that include threat vulnerability assessments, develop robust mitigation plans, develop safety and security policies and procedures all based on best-in class governance and compliance as per international standards.

Emergency & Crisis Management Plans: Emergency and Crisis management plans are for preventing, containing and managing potential and unexpected disruptions to business activities, ensuring the safety of personnel and continuity of business processes. It is designed to enable organizations to prepare for, mitigate, manage, respond, and recover from incidents that may disrupt the business / its operations. It also contains procedures and guidelines, which when implemented, would increase the overall resilience of the organization.

Security Risk Management: As companies grow their stakeholders and employees increase in number, making it imperative to manage and regulate the possible threats towards a company. Security Risk management helps in identifying risks and then controlling them. This information enables our clients’ company in achieving its performance and profitability targets, securing infrastructures, prevents loss of resources, ensures reliable financial reporting, and compliance with laws and regulations.

Embedded Security Resources: Lancers has access to a pool of talent and a well-maintained database to provide staffing services for all kinds of skill sets to organizations in any industry sector. Our best-in-industry team of high-end professionals enables end-to-end staffing solutions with unmatched quality underpinned by our stringent recruitment and onboarding process. We offer a wide spectrum of resources from semi-skilled, skilled, executive, junior and senior management.

Supply Chain Security Risk Mitigation: As organizations are rapidly growing, they are adopting more complex supply chains. A potential security breach may occur when the company shares the access to its database and information with its affiliates – contractors, suppliers, and subcontractors to prohibit this breach and safeguard the company’s data, a supply chain cyber review is conducted. It monitors the security of the organization’s affiliates and to ensure whether they are capable enough to withstand various external and internal threats. Supply chain cyber review is done by an expert team at Lancers that is led by a Lead Consultant and a Data Security Expert.

Event Management and Executive Protection Services: Lancers has been one of the pioneers in risk management involved in end-to-end management and conduct of events. It was very closely involved in the safety & security management of the Asian games in 1982 and has subsequently been providing our services to the government and top business houses in India. Lancers provide trained and experienced skilled executive protection personnel for sensitive and high-risk individuals and senior management. We can provide both armed and unarmed PSO as well as bouncers. Lancers also has a dedicated team, which can effectively plan and execute evacuations in various scenarios, ensuring the well-being of high-risk individuals and organisations.

Security Management Training: Lancers specialize in preparing security professionals with the help of our experienced team hailing from Armed Forces, Police, and Intelligence to enhance the security factor of the business. Our security management and training is a perfect amalgamation of physical strength and mental prowess. Our detailed security reports and advisories provide comprehensive real time assessments of vulnerabilities and risks, along strategic guidance tailored to client’s unique needs.

Geo Political Risk Analysis: Lancers conduct tailormade analysis of political, economic, security, legal, regulatory, and social factors specific to the needs and objectives of the organization that could impact their business operations, investments, safety, and security. Our team also has the capability for scenario analysis based on different options to help the organisations prepare a range of possible outcomes.