Security Risk Consulting

Our security risk consulting services provide comprehensive assessments to safeguard our client's assets and mitigate potential threats, ensuring a resilient and secure environment. Lancers provides a full spectrum of security services to diverse industries and sectors pan India.


Organizations today need to proactively manage their business functions without disruptions. We at Lancers recognize this and can help the business in creating a safe and secure environment with our comprehensive audits and risk management services that include threat vulnerability assessments, develop robust mitigation plans, develop safety and security policies and procedures all based on best-in-class governance and compliance as per international standards. Our experienced audit team will understand the organization’s security environment, evaluate safety and security policies, assess their effective implementation, recommend, and implement fit-for-purpose controls to mitigate risks.


Physical security measures are designed to protect buildings and safeguard the assets, people, and equipment within the premises. To manage a well-planned facility, it is imperative to involve security specialists from the inception of site design and layout. Lancers offer our expertise in designing a complete physical security plan that integrates technical, physical as well as specialized equipment to mitigate different types of security threats as well as training security and maintenance staff in operating the systems.


Emergency and Crisis management plans are for preventing, containing and managing potential disruptions to business activities, ensuring the safety of personnel and continuity of business processes. The plan is designed to enable organizations to prepare for, mitigate, manage, respond, and recover from incidents that may disrupt the business / its operations. The plan also contains procedures and guidelines, which when implemented, would increase the overall resilience of the organization. Our experts have rich experience in preparing and rolling out plans for clients in urban as well as remote settings very effectively.


Lancers have access to a pool of talent and a well-maintained database to provide staffing services for all kinds of skill sets to organizations in any industry sector. Our best-in-industry team of high-end professionals enables end-to-end staffing solutions with unmatched quality underpinned by our stringent recruitment and onboarding process. We offer a wide spectrum of resources from semi-skilled, skilled, executive, junior and senior management.


Executive Protection is a format of highly personalized, close proximity security built around a person with an assumed or confirmed threat to their life. The threats could include assault, assassination or kidnapping. This type of protection involves an array of activities like reconnaissance, route planning, tactical sweeps of vulnerable areas, securing vehicles and venues, physically escorting a client and many more. Our Executive Protection’s CPOs work like an elite military unit and they are compact, highly motivated and versatile teams usually operating covertly.