Lancer's Digital Profile Verification

With technologies evolving rapidly, businesses are getting more complex which is why more and more companies are implementing advancements in digital models. Companies across industries like logistics, banking and realty are using digital infrastructure to connect people in a seamless matrix. Therefore, verification of people’s digital profiles has become more imperative than ever.

While many companies are still relying on physical identity checks like face to face identity verification, it isn’t the most scalable. Much of the world still requires it when one has to open a bank account or apply for a mortgage, or a loan. But these traditional methods of identity verification are no longer appropriate. Digital identity verification is the natural progression. After all, it can speed up the process, and remove obstacles such as geographical boundaries.

At Lancers, we believe that digital solutions form a core that’s vital to futuristic companies.  

Our digital solutions for profile verification is based on algorithms that help us understand how authentic a profile is.

The main purpose of our profile verification service is to do an efficient audit of a person’s past employment history, educational history and their identity.

Our team follows a very robust process where they directly approach an employee’s previous companies and their previous employers digitally as well via a strong internal network. With regional resources, we are able to successfully execute challenging intelligence and security projects. In this dynamic and diverse region wherever your business is incorporated, wherever you trade, wherever you merge, acquire or partner; we are able to support you with effective actionable intelligence & security solutions.

Our Profile Verification involves KYC via Digital and Video Mode. Our swift 10 Step approach ensures a no-touch, effective and timely verification of the candidate’s existence and profile. Some of the benefits our client includes time efficiency, cost efficiency, a secure verification platform, a safe environment, reduced dependency on the human factor, validation of identity, profile and documentation.