IPR/Brand Protection

Ideas take the world forward, but ideas are also susceptible to abuse.

We protect your ideas as you would.

The world is full of ideas. IPR or Intellectual property rights are extremely crucial in a market which is getting more and more complex with every passing day. They are the rights granted to the creators of an Intellectual Property or something that is more popularly known as an IP.

IP includes collaterals like trademarks, copyrights, patents, industrial design rights, and in some jurisdictions, trade secrets. And we have just the right team to take care of all of it. 

Our highly qualified and experienced team that has a strong background from central intelligence, Army and Police Force helps in mitigating the menace of counterfeiting of the product line of our esteemed clients.

We handle our IPR cases with a top-notch level of secrecy and efficient scrutiny which allows our clients to successfully win or defend their equitable IP rights. We are experts at liaising with government agencies because of our solid network. Our track record in handling such cases has been great. Our involvement and insights have helped us in conducting enforcement actions on our counterfeiters successfully.

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