Insurance Risk Mitigation & Investigations

Risk Profiling: Risk profiling is a important function in the insurance industry. It forms the core of both policy issuance process and claim management process. Any industry’s main goal and objective is to minimize risk as much as possible. In Insurance, the underwriters and underwriting teams are primarily involved in the risk management activities. A Risk profiling involves gathering information about an Individuals, using existing risk assessments, and risk assessment methodology to evaluate risks, and providing a suitable means for monitoring and assurance.

Claims Investigations : Through our claim’s investigations process we support the companies to investigate the claims to determine their authenticity. Our network of experienced Field Investigators conducts investigations on the ground , vicinity searches and procure information from local authorities and hospitals.  

Mystery Shopping: Mystery shopping is a process through which we assist customers to evaluate the quality of services and products offered by company. A mystery shopper is an individual who is tasked to evaluate the overall customer experience given by a company. Mystery Shoppers will be tasked to pretend/act as regular customers and have specific instructions on what to look for during their visit to a business.

Anti-Fraud Technology Solutions: Our Anti-fraud Technology solutions help industry to detect and prevent fraudulent activities. Our industry specific Anti-Fraud Technology services use technical and intelligence tools to detect fraud and leakage at initials levels. This reduces risk and financial losses.

Anti-Fraud Training: Insurance Institute of India (III) provides certificate and training course {Certified Insurance Anti-Fraud Professional (CIAFP)} for anti-fraud. Moreover, Anti-Fraud Training may include training on Background, Fraud risk governance, Classification of Insurance frauds, Detection of frauds and Prevention mechanism, Database building.