Forensic Investigations & Disputes

Corporate Fraud Investigations: Fraud can be a devastating experience for the victim firms. It can adversely affect the Brand value, competitiveness and take a major toll on employee morale. It’s a risk that requires strategic planning & we at Lancers helps the business to plan this risk with our 360-degree approach to protect against the impacts of fraud by working at all levels of prevention, detection & investigation.

Asset Search: Volatile business environment along with unethical business practices pose a business risk to most of the businesses and financial institutions. We assist the businesses in asset and key individual tracking in an unfortunate incident of eminent bad debt. We also help the businesses in providing admissible evidence in the court of law which are useful to negotiate with the NPA account holders.

Forensic Due Diligence: Forensic Due Diligence aims to address the concerns pertaining to the authenticity of the reported financial numbers, Existence and background of key suppliers, employees and customers, Adverse issues surrounding the promoters or key management personnel, Political connections and its impact on business activities, Undisclosed related parties and transactions, Undisclosed liabilities or potential claims and litigations and Exposure to bribery and corruption. Forensic due diligence probes into the transactional-level data to find anomalies and irregularities.

Mystery Shopping: Mystery shopping is a process through which we assist customers to evaluate the quality of services and products offered by company. A mystery shopper is an individual who is tasked to evaluate the overall customer experience given by a company. Mystery Shoppers will be tasked to pretend/act as regular customers and have specific instructions on what to look for during their visit to a business.

Corporate Intelligence: Corporate intelligence prepares you with the right information to mitigate the potential risk of fraud and corruption. It is conducted to identify risks associated with third- parties, proposed M&A targets, new employees, and other potential targets. It assesses the background, integrity, reputation and performance track record of an individual, or an entity or the group by collecting and analysing information that is available in the public domain, subscribed databases and market sources.

Market Entry & Policy Analysis: It is a process of evaluating and strategizing the entry of a company or organization into a new market, while also considering the various policies, regulations, and factors that might impact its operations in that market. This involves conducting comprehensive research and analysis to make informed decisions about how to effectively enter the market and navigate the regulatory landscape.