Corporate Fraud and FCPA

Frauds can cause an irreparable damage to a company.

We help safeguard our client’s interests.

Frauds in the business world are more common than you think. Every company in the world is vulnerable to fraudulent experiences. To safeguard a company from devastating experiences of a fraud, we at Lancers implement a 360-degree approach.

This approach helps a company safeguard its brand value, competitiveness, employee morale, and growth rate. As frauds siphon billions of dollars each year from organizations worldwide, our team works at several levels in order to detect, prevent and investigate a case. We always maintain the highest ethical standards in conducting investigations so that we can protect our client’s reputation, as well as our own.

Frauds damage reputations and puts stakeholders’ trust in the organisation at risk. Therefore, responding efficiently to alleged or suspected fraud, misconduct or other improprieties such as violations of laws, regulations or organizational policies is critical and our team does that using a stepwise process.

Our process begins with a very deep investigation where we source information from a variety of sources to produce focused actionable intelligence. We then pass on these vital findings to our clients who can use it to protect and enhance their interests and competitive position with complete confidence.


Covert investigations, scrutiny of the incident and analysis of records sums up the first step of the process.  This is followed by our second phase which includes on-site investigation, audit and a deep analysis of all the stakeholders, channel partners and parties involved.

After the second stage, we give our clients some verified intelligence on the fraud episode along with a list of suspected parties and names of key individuals involved in the fraud.

Then we get to the last stage where we conduct covert interviews of suspects to get evidence and concrete information in order to conclude the investigation.

After this stage, we share confirmation of the fraud with evidence and analysis of the entire fraud occurrence with our client. We partner with our clients to help them make the right decisions.

Our service has been designed to be cost-effective, confidential and client-focused. We treat each client’s case differently and attack it with a unique tailor-made strategy.

Our approach helps us in maintaining lasting business relationships with all our clients. Our vision is to support businesses with effective actionable intelligence and risk mitigation solutions. Our focused findings help our clients make the right decision and protect their business interests.