Anti Counterfeiting Brand Security Services

Development and Implementation of Brand Security Programs: Lancers develop and implement a customized approach to handling the specific issues pertaining to brand abuse faced by our clients. By virtue of our experience across varied industries, and armed with industry-specific knowledge, we offer tailored solutions to secure your brand from the menace of counterfeiting. Our approach involves collaborative action across multiple levels and departments of the client organisation to evaluate and determine the most affected product lines and regions..

Market Surveys: We undertake special market survey projects with the intention of constructing a comprehensive understanding of the counterfeiting activities in the given geographical region pertaining to a specific product line of the client. The objective of a market survey is to confirm the presence and extent of availability of counterfeits in a given market. This involves identification all the major players in the market indulging in counterfeiting and the supply chains of such counterfeit product.

Test Purchases: We collaborate with the client to gather empirical data, generate analytics and facilitate the development of a researched and nuanced approach to brand protection. Targeted sampling and testing of authenticity of the samples is undertaken to understand the ease and extent of availability of counterfeits in the market. This operation also provides a preliminary insight on the techniques used by the counterfeiters to pass off their substandard products as genuine.

Law Enforcement Advocacy & Engagement: The support and cooperation of the law enforcement authority is of utmost importance for curbing the menace of counterfeiting. We organise and execute visits of our senior management to the highest pertinent authority of the given state (Director General of Police, Commissioner of Excise) to coordinate and seek support for the ground teams in executing enforcement actions in the given area.

Anti-Counterfeiting Investigations: Counterfeiting is one of the major threats plaguing reputed brands across the world. The primary step in curbing this issue is the identification of the nefarious elements in the market and to procure actionable intelligence regarding their modus operandi to enable brands to take a structured and strategic approach to mitigating the risks of counterfeiting. We undertake in-depth and advanced investigations kicking off from the grassroots levels to identify, locate, and confirm the entities involved in counterfeiting.

Enforcement Actions: Once the targets indulging in counterfeiting of the client brand are confirmed through investigations, a skilled and experienced team consisting of operational management personnel approaches the highest authority in the given district with a complaint apprising them of the counterfeiting activity.

On-Ground Operational Support: Having the largest ground team of investigators on roll of our company, we offer ground support in all categories of on-ground investigations, such as skip tracing & fraud investigations, to gather intelligence regarding any entity & activity wherein client is facing issues on the ground and requires advanced investigations into the facts and circumstances of the case.